Ballistic sliding bomb shelter door

Underground bomb shelter equipment

Building a bomb shelter? We have everything you need right here.

Bomb shelter under constructionAmerican Safe Room manufactures all of the critical components for underground bunkers as well as complete shelter kits: NBC filters, blast doors, ballistic doors, blast hatches, blast valves, ventilation pipes, and other bunker accessories.

We provide free air filtration and component blast protection consultations. If you are planning on building a shelter, contact us.

Rivets on a bomb shelter door

Here are the items we manufacture:

NBC air filtersNBC air filtration equipment
The Safe Cell line of nuclear, biological, and chemical air filtration systems with battery backup capability:
60 CFM AC/DC Safe Cell
60 CFM AC/DC complete blast protected NBC system
120 CFM AC/DC Safe Cell
120 CFM AC/DC complete blast protected NBC system
60 CFM DC only Safe Cell


Blast doors and hatchesBlast doors, ballistic doors, and blast hatches
Engineer certified 50 PSI blast doors, 82 PSI blast hatches, and UL level 8 ballistic doors. Standard and custom sizes with many options like viewers, assault resistant cam latches, differential pressure gauges, and more:
Single leaf blast door

Double leaf blast door
Flat blast hatch
Riser blast hatch
Ballistic doors


Blast and overpresusre valvesBlast valves, overpressure valves, and ventilation pipes
All the equipment you need for air ventilation and filtration. These components are designed to fit and function together to protect your shelter from airborne toxins, radioactive fallout, and blast effects from detonations:
Blast valve
Preset overpressure valve
Adjustable overpressure valve
Steel ventilation pipes


Bomb shelter accessoriesFiltration accessories
The critical accessories needed to properly kit out a bomb shelter:
Differential pressure gauge
Automatic ventilation blower
Backup hand pump
Replacement filters