Ballistic sliding bomb shelter door


Safe Cell NBC air filtration system
120 cubic feet of filtered air
120 volt AC with 12 volt DC battery backup

Safe Cell NBC filterNuclear, Biological, and Chemical protection
The ASR-200-AV-NBC Safe Cell is a positive pressure nuclear, biological, and chemical air filtration system.

It features an internal automatic switching power supply that will automatically switch to drawing power from a user supplied 12 volt battery if the power grid goes down. When the power comes back on, the power supply automatically switches back to AC power and recharges the battery.

The Safe Cell has been designed from the ground up to overpressure a protected space so that the only way for outside air to enter your shelter is through the filter.

Shown above with the optional backup hand crank and a user supplied battery.


What's included with this item

ASR-200-AV-NBC Safe Cell - everything includedThe Safe Cell comes with everything necessary to pull it from the boxes and install it in a safe room. If your room is sealed up, you will also need an overpressure valve. If you are installing it in a blast resistant shelter, you should also install blast valves. Please see our complete blast protected NBC air filtration system for a package deal made for underground shelters.

One AC and DC capable Safe Cell with a complete filter bank that includes the two pre-filters, a nuclear grade HEPA particulate filter, and a warfare gas carbon adsorber.
Two wall mount brackets, two quick release clamps, two star nuts, and four lag screws.
One AC and one DC power cord.
One 60 inch chemical resistant flexible air intake hose.
One wall mount flange and gasket for the hose.
One hard copy of the installation and operation manual.


Optional equipment
The Safe Cell includes everything necessary to install and operate. When installed in an air tight protected space like a safe room, an overpressure valve on the outflow vent is recommended. When installed in a blast resistant shelter, blast valves are recommended. The complete system also include two blast valves, an overpressure valve, and a backup hand pump.

  • Emergency backup hand pump or the emergency backup hand crank - for long term power outages

  • Blast valves - protect against the pressure and vacuum of nearby detonations

  • Overpressure valve - provides a metered resistance on the outflow side to help the Safe Cell create and maintain overpressure

  • Blast resistant steel ventilation pipes - easily installed pipes that bolt on to the outside of the shelter

  • Automatic ventilation blower - this blower uses the same plumbing as the Safe Cell to provide unfiltered ventilation of a shelter when there are no airborne threats

  • Replacement filters - every Safe Cell should have a reload of filter elements at hand

American Safe Room provides free air filtration and component blast protection shelter consultations. Contact our Sales Manager at 541-459-1806 or send a plan view drawing of your shelter to or FAX it to 503-212-6695.

Price, availability, and manual

Complete price sheet of all items (PDF)


    Item Safe Cell
    Model number ASR-200-AV-NBC
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      ASR-100-AV-NBC Safe Cell manual
      Installation and operation manual

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      Export restriction

      Due to it's level of air filtration, the Safe Cell has been deemed a munition by the US State Department Directorate of Defence Trade Controls. After reviewing the Safe Cell with the Departments of Commerce and Defence, they issued this Commodity Jurisdiction:

      US State Department commodity jurisdiction
      Safe Cell Commodity Jurisdiction
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