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A proven NBC air filtration system
The Safe Cell has several thousand installations in underground bunkers, safe rooms, nuclear facilities, chemical plants, and other industrial applications


Safe Cell NBC air filterHere's why this is the best NBC filter you can invest in:

The Safe Cell has been engineered to meet the critical specifications outlined in the US Army Corps of Engineers Design of Collective Protection Shelters to Resist Chemical, Biological, and Radiological (CBR) Agents, Technical Letter Number ETL 1110-3-49. These specifications include:

In a properly sealed protected space, the Safe Cell will create and maintain positive relative pressure (overpressure) of at least .3 inches of water column to meet the Corps of Engineer's Class 1 protected space specifications.

The HEPA filter is constructed from nuclear grade media and is individually tested and certified by the manufacturer. Each HEPA filter we supply is serial numbered and placarded with with its individual performance specifications.

The chemical adsorption filter uses a blend of NUK-TK carbon for radioactive iodine and ASZM-TEDA for warfare gas agents. This granular carbon is compressed into a tight block to eliminate blow-by and has the proper bed depth to meet the Corps of Engineer's air residency specification for adsorption of chemical agents.


60 CFM Safe Cell installation video

Automatic battery backup
In addition to these design specifications, the Safe Cell is the only NBC air filtration system available that will produce 60 CFM of filtered air with an onboard battery backup system. This system will automatically charge the battery when AC power is present, then automatically switch to battery backup power if the AC drops out, then automatically switch back to AC power when it comes back online - and then automatically recharge the battery. Imagine going to sleep for the night knowing your NBC filter will maintain overpressure even if the power fails - only with a Safe Cell!


Safe filter replacement
The Safe Cell has a quick disconnect intake hose and "no tools required" knobs on the wall mount bracket that allow you to safely replace the filters: suit up for exiting the shelter, seal up the Safe Cell by putting the shipping caps on the intake and outflow ports, take the entire Safe Cell outside, replace the filters, and bring it back into the protected space. This should take under five minutes and you leave the contaminated filters outside. The light weight and chemical resistant ABS housing facilitates this protocol that is unique to the Safe Cell.


Sizes and power requirements
The AC and DC (battery backup) Safe Cell is made in two sizes:

60 CFM: part number ASR-100-AV-NBC, 12 occupants (US standard), 17 occupants (Israeli standard)
120 CFM: part number ASR-200-AV-NBC, 24 occupants (US standard), 34 occupants (Israeli standard)

We also manufacture a DC only Safe Cell for remote shelters without grid power or mobile installations like vehicles or boats.

Note that most NBC air filter manufacturers use the Israeli standard (3.5 CFM per occupant) when citing their occupancy ratings. The Israelis use their shelters intermittently - they run into them when there is a threat, then come back out within a few hours. We believe that the US Standard (5 CFM per occupant) is a better one to use for long term shelter occupancy.


Online installation and operation manuals
We have all of our manuals online so you can see the installation steps, how to operate it, and the specifications. Simply go to the detailed product page and click on the manual thumbnail in the right column. Here is the 60 CFM Safe Cell manual and here is the 120 CFM Safe Cell manual.


Choose your Safe Cell
The first two selections below are complete systems - they include blast valves, an overpressure valve, a backup hand pump, and an automatic ventilation blower. The rest of the selections are the Safe Cell only. Click on the picture or the model number to go to the detailed product page. The critical specifications are listed here, the complete specifications are in the manuals shown in the right hand column on each of these detail product pages:


60 CFM AC/DC complete system 60 CFM, 12 to 17 occupants
Description: Complete blast protected NBC filtration system
Part number: ASR-100-AV-NBC-COMP
Electrical requirements: 120 VAC with 12 VDC backup
Price: $4,125.00 - UPS Ground shipping included


120 CFM AC/DC Safe Cell complete system120 CFM, 24 to 34 occupants
Description: Complete blast protected filtration system
Part number: ASR-200-AV-NBC-COMP
Electrical requirements: 120 VAC with 12 VDC backup
Price: $6,600.00 - UPS Ground shipping included


60 CFM AC/DC Safe Cell NBC filter60 CFM, 12 to 17 occupants (filter only)
Description: Safe Cell NBC air filter
Part number: ASR-100-AV-NBC
Electrical requirements: 120 VAC with 12 VDC backup
Price: $2,625.00 plus shipping


120 CFM AC/DC Safe Cell NBC filter120 CFM, 24 to 34 occupants (filter only)
Description: Safe Cell NBC air filter
Part number: ASR-200-AV-NBC
Electrical requirements: 120 VAC with 12 VDC backup
Price: $5,100.00 plus shipping


60 CFM DC only Safe Cell NBC filter60 CFM, 12 to 17 occupants (DC only, filter only)
Description: Safe Cell NBC air filter
Part number: ASR-100-12V(24V)-NBC
Electrical requirements: 12 VDC or 24 VDC
Price: $2,525.00, plus shipping


Every NBC filter installation should have a complete battery of replacement filters close by.

American Safe Room provides free air filtration and component blast protection shelter consultations. Contact our Sales Manager at 541-459-1806 or send a plan view drawing of your shelter to or FAX it to 503-212-6659.

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    • Export restriction

      Due to it's level of air filtration, the Safe Cell has been deemed a munition by the US State Department Directorate of Defence Trade Controls. After reviewing the Safe Cell with the Departments of Commerce and Defence, they issued this Commodity Jurisdiction:

      US State Department commodity jurisdiction
      Safe Cell Commodity Jurisdiction
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