Ballistic sliding bomb shelter door

Underground bomb shelter kit
with detailed installation manual
and an engineered pressure rating

Building an underground shelter? We have everything you need right here.

Bomb shelter kit being builtThis bunker kit provides all of the critical components of a true steel reinforced concrete underground bunker. You purchase the heavy (expensive to ship) concrete and blocks locally. Then you follow the comprehensive installation manual and build your bunker.

We fabricate all of the critical components and ship them to your shelter site by flatbed truck. We can include the pre-cut and formed rebar, or you can procure it locally.

You decide the options you want with this kit: blast hatch, blast door, an airlock, and more! For a quotation on the exact shelter kit you need, contact our sales manager at 541-459-1806 or

Rivets on a bomb shelter door

Shelter kit layout
What sets this system apart is the integrated design and manufacture process that decreases the cost and build time while increasing the strength and features. The wide flange steel beam trusses allow you to pour the concrete ceiling without erecting temporary cribbing. The steel trusses stay embedded in the ceiling giving additional strength over and above what rebar normally provides.

The trusses and the rebar are what give this shelter kit its certified blast load rating of 20.7 PSI. See page 58 of the manual for the professional engineers certificate showing this rating. This is a true blast load rating. The weight of the ceiling, the backfill, and even a vehicle parked on top were added in before the blast load was calculated.

We also manufacture the blast doors and hatches, blast valves, ventilation pipes, and a NBC filter - every critical component you need for your shelter. If you are planning a shelter, be sure and see our page on principles of shelter design.

Rivets on a bomb shelter door

Step by step pictures of this shelter kit being built
Be sure and see our pages on shelter kit builds. We take you through the steps of constructing this shelter kit. Click on the picture or the link:

Shelter build 1Shelter build series one
Series 100, 8' 8" x 20'
with optional blast door
without riser hatch

There are fourteen pictures in this series.


Shelter build 2Shelter build series two
Series 400, 14' x 20'
with optional blast door

There are nine pictures in this series.

Rivets on a bomb shelter door

Series 400 shelter kit
This series of pictures shows a series 400 shelter kit with an optional blast door and an extra ventilation pipe to provide ventilation for a toilet. We also supplied the pre-cut and formed rebar with this shelter kit.

Shelter kit layout - trussesThese are the trusses laid out with the hatch ladder on top. Note the last two trusses are connected. These are the riser trusses.


Shelter kit layout - trusses and hatchThis is the riser hatch on the riser trusses with the rebar in the background.


Shelter kit layout - riser trussesThis is the riser truss pair. This pair of trusses are welded together and form a pallet for the rest of the trusses to be shipped on. Note the "tunnel" that the riser sits on is a form. The concrete is poured all around it and the riser hatch is mounted on top.


Shelter kit layout - truss closeupHere is a detail of a truss showing the holes we punch for the rebar as well as the two small holes for the form board bracket.


Shelter kit layout - rebarThis is the pre-cut and formed rebar. It is cut, formed, counted, labeled, bundled, and tagged.


Shelter kit layout - blast doorThis is the single leaf blast door that was shipped with this kit.


Shelter kit layout - hatchThis is the riser hatch. It is an older style without the internal cam latch. All hatches we build now have a cam latch to suck the blast lid down onto the seal on the riser lip.

The emergency escape jack has not been installed. The two ears on the right side of the blast lid accept the top end of this three ton jack.

Note the deadbolt lock mounted on the blast lid right above the pull handle, the EPDM seal around the top lip and the wide angle viewer ports on each side, just below the top lip.

For more information on our hatches, see the flat blast hatch and the riser blast hatch pages.


Shelter kit layout - ventilation pipesThese are the ventilation pipes. One air intake, one air outflow, and one septic drain ventilation pipe. All ventilation pipes need a blast valve to protect the occupants from a nearby detonation.

Also shown are the angle brackets, the form board brackets, the deadbolt cap for the riser blast hatch, the electrical, water, and septic penetrations as well as the bottom struts for the ladder.


Shelter kit layout - ventilation pipes ready to shipThese are the ventilation pipes strapped to the blast door for shipping.


Shelter kit layout - trusses ready to shipThese are the trusses and ladder banded on top of the riser truss pair for shipping. The rebar is banded to the top of this and everything is loaded onto a flatbed truck. The bands can be sequentially cut and the items off loaded individually.


Shelter kit layout - loaded on the truckHere is the riser blast hatch and the trusses on the flatbed truck.


Shelter kit layout - tarped on truckAnd finally, the load is tarped.

To have a shelter kit like this show up at your house, please contact our sales manager at 541-459-1806 or

Price, availability, and manual

Complete price sheet of all items (PDF)

    Item Series 100 shelter kit
    Size 8' 8" x 20' inside dimensions
    Price each $18,750.00 (USD)
      plus shipping
    Status Special order item
    Item Series 200 shelter kit
    Size 10" x 20' inside dimensions
    Price each $19,500.00 (USD)
      plus shipping
    Status Special order item
    Item Series 300 shelter kit
    Size 12" x 20' inside dimensions
    Price each $22,500.00 (USD)
      plus shipping
    Status Special order item
    Item Series 400 shelter kit
    Size 14" x 20' inside dimensions
    Price each $24,500.00 (USD)
      plus shipping
    Status Special order item

    What is included with this kit


    Seven steel trusses with all brackets and fasteners

    All the cut and formed rebar for the floor, walls, and ceiling

    A riser hatch - the options are extra

    A complete blast protected NBC air filtration system

    60" or 72" intake and an outflow steel ventilation pipes

    Electrical, water, and septic ceiling penetrations


    What is purchased locally


    See these manual pages for a concise list of locally purchased blocks and concrete:

    Series 100 - page 10

    Series 100 - page 12

    Series 100 - page 14

    Series 100 - page 16

    All series plywood - pages 26 and 27



    Telephone 541-459-1806 or e-mail
    with questions or orders



    Underground bomb shelter plans
    Shelter kit installation manual

    Get Adobe Reader




    Bomb shelter equipment from the Survival Center:

    Portable radiation detector

    Berkey water filter

    Diesel generators

    Solar electrical panels




Gallery of single leaf
blast doors

click to enlarge


16 blast doors for a large sheter


Pour-in-place frame


Inward swinging blast door


High security blast doors


Small emergency escape door


Shearing door skins to size


Forming door skins


Welding a blast door


Grinding a blast door


Single leaf blast door


Blast door - side view


Door and hatch on a flatbed


Gallery of double leaf
blast doors

click to enlarge


Two double leaf doors ready to ship


Fabricating a double leaf blast door


Inward swinging double door


Double door leaf on a bridge crane


Installation and operation manuals

click to open (PDF)


ASR-100-AV-NBC Safe Cell manual
Single leaf blast door


ASR-100-AV-NBC Safe Cell manual
Double leaf blast door


Riser blast hatch manual
Riser blast hatch


ASR-100-AV-NBC Safe Cell manual
Flat blast hatch


ASR-100-AV-NBC Safe Cell manual
60 CFM NBC air filter


ASR-100-AV-NBC Safe Cell manual
120 CFM NBC air filter


Hand pump manual
Backup hand pump


Blast valve manual
Blast valve


Overpressure valve manual
Overpressure valve


Automatic blower manual
Automatic ventilation blower


Differential pressure gauge manual
Differential pressure gauge